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I know there has been a little debate about whether Daniel Faraday was still alive or not, but in an article from Access Hollywood, Damon and Carlton confirm that Faraday is indeed dead and that his “full-time” status on LOST was over, but left it open on whether we would see him again. My guess is we will see him again.

Also, they confirmed that it was a tough decision to make and that Jeremy Davies took it well and said it was the best exit interview they have ever had with an actor.

Here is the full article:

In the episode, Daniel Faraday – the time-travel expert physicist played by Jeremy Davies – returned to the island in 1977 from the Dharma Initiative’s headquarters in Michigan. Thinking that he and the Oceanic 6 were “variables” who could change the future, he tried to track down his mother, Eloise Hawking – only to be shot by her in the Others’ camp at the episode’s conclusion.

“It was an incredibly painful thing to kill this beloved character,” Carlton told TV Guide. “But we feel that’s what this show has to do. His death is kind of the culminating event in the entire season. It really ends one chapter and commences the start of the simpulan chapter of the entire series. Once we explained that to Jeremy, while he was personally saddened that his full-time status on ‘Lost’ was coming to an end, he put the story above his own personal self.”

Damon seconded Carlton’s emotions, adding that Jeremy had taken the news well.

“When Carlton and I called Jeremy to explain what was going to be happening with Faraday, we’ve never had a more awesome exit interview with somebody on the show,” he said.

The character of the quirky scientist, who was introduced in Season 4, became a fan favorite, and the producers were quick to praise Jeremy’s work on the show.

“For us, Faraday really was the cornerstone of the fifth season – he really shined,” Damon said. “I can’t imagine what Season 5 would have looked like without Jeremy Davies. When you think about all the crazy stuff that had to come out of that guy’s mouth, for him to be as interesting and emotional and poetic as he was is really extraordinary.”

He’ll be missed by his castmates as well, though he may not be done with “Lost” – Carlton only said Jeremy’s “full-time” status was over, and dead characters have been known to reappear on the show.

“[He was] a great sensitive guy who got deep into his character. He really lived it,” Michael Emerson, who plays Ben Linus, told the mag.

And while his on-screen character was discouraged from playing piano by his disapproving mother, Jeremy had no duduk perkara bringing his tunes to the set.

“Most actors walk around with headphones, but Jeremy would walk around holding a miniature boom box,” Terry O’Quinn, who plays John Locke, added. “He always wanted to provide music for everyone — whether they wanted it or not.”

Source: Access Hollywood

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Latest From Kristin About Finale

I would file this tidbit under shocking as we should expect another “game-changing” finale. 😉


Tracy in El Paso, Texas: What can you tease about the Lost finale?

Look for another game-changing finale. Based on the rumors we’re hearing about what happens, you may find yourself wondering how they could still even do the same show after this.

Source: EW

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Episode 5X15 Follow The Leader – Five Sneak Peeks!!

Episode 5×15 Follow the Leader – Five Sneak Peeks!!

Here are five absolutely crazy sneak Bandar Ceme Online peeks at this week’s episode!!

My favorite clip is the last one.

1) Jack and Kate as Faraday gets shot and Widmore arrives to knock out Jack
2) Locke arrives at the others beach camp and meets Richard
3) Kate and Jack talk about what Faraday’s plan
4) Richard admits to Sun that he remembers the Losties because he saw them all die
5) Hurley, Jin, and Miles meet Chang and Hurley admits to being from the future


Thanks to Carlost for the heads up.

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Episode 5X15 – Potential Leaked Synopsis!?

Update: 16:20 Thanks to Kevin for sending in this other synopsis for tonight.

Update: 14:30 Thanks to Andy, who was at the event, for sending us this update which makes a couple of changes/corrections to the original synopsis.

Update: 14:10 Thanks to Stephanie who attended the event and screening and confirms the spoilers and it’s her videos that we have shown below. She has also a The ODI