Latest Tidbits From Kristin

Here are the latest tidbits from Kristin, most of them are just repeat of the press release that confirmed Younger versions of several characters will appear.

However, there is one tidbit saying we will understand in the finale why we have not seen much of Sawyer and Kate this season.

Anna in Cardiff, England: Please, any hints for this week’s episode of Lost? Can I expect something between Sawyer and Kate?

All we can say is that after you see the finale, you’ll understand why season five of Lost has not handed you Sawyer and Kate on a plate.

Eliot and Sandra: Are there any spoilers for the two-part season ender for Lost? We just can’t wait! Thanks.

Sayid’s wife Nadia is back in the finale. Yes, technically she’s his tragically murdered wife, but still: whee! We’ll also be meeting young Kate, young Tom (Kate’s friend from Iowa), young Juliet, young Rachel (Juliet’s sister) and young Sawyer, and several of those sightings happen because a pivotal figure in the Island mythology wants to check in on our heroes in their youth, à la Richard Alpert’s test visit (“Which of these are yours?”) to John Locke.

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Latest Tidbits From Kristin

Here are the latest tidbits from E! Online’s Kristin who is “warning” us about an upcoming death like Charlie.

I know this is still pretty vague, but here you go:

Believe it or not, Jack’s plan to uncrash Oceanic 815 may not be foolproof! “If you’re wrong, everyone dies,” says Kate. Not so much, it’s just that one cascade of mistakes that leads to that one person tragically dying. Of course, someday we’ll say that person’s death was necessary and right, and that it closed certain important chapters in the story, and gave certain other season-six stories the launching pad they needed to really take off, but for now…it’s going to suck. As we’ve said in the past, brace yourself for pain on the scale of Charlie’s death.

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Latest From Kristin About Finale

I would file this tidbit under shocking as we should expect another “game-changing” finale. 😉


Tracy in El Paso, Texas: What can you tease about the Lost finale?

Look for another game-changing finale. Based on the rumors we’re hearing about what happens, you may find yourself wondering how they could still even do the same show after this.

Source: EW

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