Episode 5X16/17 – Latest From Tv Guide

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TV Guide has a new report about the LOST Season 5 Finale that confirms we will see some “dead” characters return.

Both Michael Emerson and Terry O’ Quinn provide their thoughts.

Thanks to the TheDemonHog for the heads up.

Here is the article:

The dead will walk again in Lost’s two-hour season finale on May 13. Michael Emerson, who plays Ben Linus, tells me, “We see some people from the past. It keeps us speculating why certain people seem to be holding on and revisiting the living in some interesting ways.”

Terry O’Quinn–whose John Locke is one of the undead, says the finale will help explain why John, as well as Jack’s father, Christian, came back to life on the island. “Someone thought they’d be useful,” teases O’Quinn. “Someone is using Locke to their ends.”

So who do you think might be making a return appearance in the finale? Claire? Charlie? Charlotte? (What’s with all these C characters anyway?) And if Charles Widmore is Daniel’s father, who else might he have fathered on the island? Might Charlie and Charlotte have both been named after him?

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Episode 5X15 Follow The Leader – Five Sneak Peeks!!

Episode 5×15 Follow the Leader – Five Sneak Peeks!!

Here are five absolutely crazy sneak Bandar Ceme Online peeks at this week’s episode!!

My favorite clip is the last one.

1) Jack and Kate as Faraday gets shot and Widmore arrives to knock out Jack
2) Locke arrives at the others beach camp and meets Richard
3) Kate and Jack talk about what Faraday’s plan
4) Richard admits to Sun that he remembers the Losties because he saw them all die
5) Hurley, Jin, and Miles meet Chang and Hurley admits to being from the future


Thanks to Carlost for the heads up.

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